Lentz'en Chalet

New features which will make 2020 a breeze.

  • Online Payments
  • Automated Bookings
  • Online & Offline Gift Cards
  • Moyocci Integration
  • Admin App

Saving time & human resources was the goal of this updated version. We are proud to announce that the updated version if now 99% automated.

Paypal Integration

Fully automated booking and payment process thanks to Paypal payments integration.

Account information

First name : John

Last name : Doe

Address : any

Email : sb-39usy276605@personal.example.com

Phone : 6613748494

Credit card number : 4020023377126719

Valid date : 10/24

CVV : 123

" We achieved 98% automation of the booking service, by adding an automated payment process. This enabled us to add the features shown below."

Gift Cards

Sell physical or virtual gift cards on Lentz’en Chalet.

Automated Bookings

An easier way to receive online reservations. 

*Gift card video shows how the booking was placed.

Moyocci Integration

Dynamic iframe to unleash the power of Lentz’en Chalet on Moyocci.com

" After making the booking process easier, it was time to make the order management easier too : Introducing the all new Admin app. "

Lentz'en Admin App

An app notifies about new orders, payments, order notes etc. there is no more need to user a PC to manage orders.


" Monitoring marketing campaigns and keeping track of site visitors is crutial to your sites success. "

Statistics Add-on

How is my new system performing? What is my conversion rate? Where are most users coming from?

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See what how the new features will help to make 2020 your year.